We provide different and customized versions that suit your budget.

  • Basic


    Provide basic product and order management function


    Order management

  • Advanced


    More order management function and customized settings

      Contains all the basic functionality

    Authorization management

    Mobile verification

      Customized Voucher template

  • Professional


    Construct integrated distribution system, distribution account management, distribution API realtime link

    Contains the full features of the advanced version

    Mainstream distribution channel API direct link

    Second-tier distributor account

  • Enterprise


    All functions available to satisfy advanced needs on operation and managemnt

    Include professional version of all functions

    All distribution channel API direct link

    Associated booking of upstream and downstream distributors

    More server resources to provide advanced order processing capability

  • Customized


    Provide comprehensive customized solution for your business

    Contains the enterprise edition full function

    Contact sales consultant for deailed information of customized functions


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We have only two OP staff, but a plenty of distributors with several accounts for each one, accounts of distributor and company staff will be counted in the users in the system?
We only count the number of accounts that log in NeuronDMS system. Distributor can log in front end website, which will not be counted in. In this case, we only count two users.
Distributors can log in my system to receive orders and verification, and distributors may have several accounts, are those count in the total number of accounts?
In this case, we count in the total number of accounts, for your distributors need log in NeuronDMS system.
I want to use domain name of my company, is it available? What do I need to do?
Firstly, you need use advanced version or above of NeuronDMS to fit your own domain name. You need tell us the domain name you want to use, and we provide you an IP address that your network or domain name administrator will allocate the domain name onto the IP. If your users(including staff, distributor, supplier and tourist) are located various regions globally, we advise you use smart dns resolution. And we will provide several IP addresses for the users to realize nearby access.
We have linked several OTA platforms in Chinese Mainland, system is connected with them by API, how can we set up?
Firstly, you need buy related version of NeuronDMS to launch relevant API function. For API is launched in different ways for different channels, you can contact your sales consultant, and we will arrange professionals to guide you to launch API link.
How to calculate order transaction fee? Are failed (rejected) or canceled orders counted?
Yes. We will collect order transaction fee monthly according to order placement date (Beijing time UTC+8 ). Calculation standard is the order created in your system in a certain month, including successful, failed, canceled and completed orders.